Shaft Support Bearings

Component that holds the transmission drive shaft in heavy vehicles. It ensures correct operation of the transmission system and enables improved performance of spreaders, harmonizes and balances the shaft and increases the durability of the whole driving system.

Rubber body: Manufactured using vulcanized rubber ensuring high strength and elasticity. It is impermeable to fluids and resistant to abrasion, chemicals, heath and temperature changes.

“U” and fixing tins: mounting Galvanized with Cr3 allowing grater resistance to corrosion.

Bearing: Better surface smoothness and better lubrication compatible with automotive grease, prevents vibration, and increasing lifespan.



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Special Developments


ASAM LTDA is committed to developing products with the same specifications as the original part, meeting or exceeding the technical standards required in each case. We can develop specialized parts to suit your needs.

We have all processes in one place: the development of molds and dies, vulcanization, extrusion, injection, stamping, milling and galvanizing.

We hope to become one of your suppliers, developing policies for trade integration according to local conditions and needs.