Stabilizer Links
      Varillas Estabilizadoras 1A                      

A stabilizer link, also called anti-sway or anti-roll bar, is a suspension component that controls the vertical movement of the vehicle´s wheels, improving handling and shock absorption thereby minimizing lateral roll when subjected to centripetal force when the vehicle is turning.

Internal adjustment in pre-lubricated nylon.

The inner ball is tempered creating longer durability.




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Special Developments


ASAM LTDA is committed to developing products with the same specifications as the original part, meeting or exceeding the technical standards required in each case. We can develop specialized parts to suit your needs.

We have all processes in one place: the development of molds and dies, vulcanization, extrusion, injection, stamping, milling and galvanizing.

We hope to become one of your suppliers, developing policies for trade integration according to local conditions and needs.